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After suffering from a loss due to water, fire, or mold, working with an insurance agency can be quite frustrating and confusing. At Complete DKI we work through the client’s insurance agency to keep things simple, and as a business we like for our clients to be “in the know”. Here are a few helpful tips on how Complete DKI does so.


  1. Instead of billing the homeowner, we bill your insurance directly. That means no back and forth nonsense throughout your mitigation and reconstruction process.
  2. We use the exact same pricin g program that the adjusters use. This makes estimates for work and everything that comes with it much simpler for all parties involved.
  3. At Complete DKI we also personally meet with the homeowner and adjuster so that a scope (what needs to be removed, and what can just be cleaned) can be agreed upon. We also walk the homeowner through the entire job process to work out a schedule that is convenient for the homeowner.
  4. Complete DKI specialize in emergency services across the board. If you are filing through your insurance company, the money for the mitigation portion is not due until it is finished.

At Complete DKI we also try to make sure the homeowner is educated in any common information they may not know. You make locate such information here.

If you are suffering from a loss due to water, fire, or mold give us a call at Complete DKI! Our technicians are always in clearly marked company vehicles as well as uniforms. As a team we are here to serve you 24/7 with all your remediation and restoration needs! Give us a call anytime at 850.CALL.DKI.

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Are you looking for a restoration company that is able to assist you with your specific needs no matter what time of day or night? Complete DKI Mobile is your one stop shop for all your mitigation and restoration needs! Whether the damage is due to water, fire, mold or even a biohazard situation, Complete DKI has got you covered from start to finish!

Complete DKI of Mobile offers several different types of services such as:

  • Water Damage Cleanup
  • Fire Damage Cleanup
  • Mold Remediation
  • Storm Damage Cleanup
  • Biohazard Cleanup

Our technicians are trained and skilled in each service in order to make sure our client’s receive a quick and efficient recovery process. Provided is a list of our services!

Water Damage Services

• Ceiling, crawl space water damage

• Basement flood water cleanup

• Flood damage cleanup

• Dehumidification service

• Water extraction services

• Complete structural drying

• Mold and environmental remediation

• Advance dehumidification

• Content Cleaning

• Drying and reprocessing

• Document salvage

• Electronics restoration

• Structural repairs
Fire Damage Services

• Vandalism

• Arson

• Cooking oil or grease

• Cigarettes

• Candles

• Clothes irons

• Portable space heaters

• Electrical shorts

• Exposed wiring

• Blown fuses

• Lightning strikes

Mold Remediation

• Mold removal and remediation services

• Mold mitigation and reconstruction services

• Water damage mitigation services

• Leak detection and repair services

• Black Mold Removal services

• Mold Damage Repair services

• Odor removal services

• Mold Prevention services

Storm Damage Cleanup

• Partially uprooted trees

• Branches, limbs, and leaning trees on vehicles or roof

• Split branches hanging by a thread

• Broken limbs hung up in other limbs

• Uprooted trees

• Tree debris

Biohazard Cleanup

• Body fluids and tissues

• Blood

• Blood products

• Suicide biohazard waste

• Animal waste

• Death scene biohazard waste

• Serious injury scene bio-hazardous waste

• Pack Rat and Hoarder homes

If you are suffering from any of the above situations give Complete DKI of Mobile a call at 251.CALL.DKI! We are available to help you with your needs from start to finish! “When Disaster Strikes, We Strike Back!”


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Water Damage in Mobile is something that is all too common in the area. After the “great flood” on April 29, 2014 we know all about what the consequences to come after water damages. All too often, homeowners do not take their water damages seriously. Even if it’s an inch or two, you need to have it checked! Complete DKI specializes in water damage cleanup in Mobile.

Water damage in Mobile should be assessed as quickly as possible in order to prevent further damages from developing later down the road.  Complete DKI can assist you with several water mitigation services such as:

• Ceiling, crawl space water damage • Basement flood water cleanup • Flood damage cleanup • Dehumidification service • Water extraction services • Complete structural drying, • Mold and environmental remediation • Advance dehumidification • Content Cleaning • Drying and reprocessing • Document salvage • Electronics restoration • Structural repairs

Water damages in Mobile can happen at any time, it does not discriminate. You could have water damage due to rain water, a leaky pipe, or even something as random as a tub overflowing due to kittens! Sounds practically impossible, but it happened!

If you are experiencing water damage within your Mobile home or business call Complete DKI at 251.CALL.DKI!





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Biohazard cleanup is something that is neither spoken of nor thought of very often, but the need for body clean up in Pensacola is there. Complete DKI offers full service remediation and reconstruction for body clean up.  Complete DKI will work directly with your insurance company in order to keep stress levels low in your time of need. When it comes to restoration dealing with body clean up, Complete DKI is your best bet.

When dealing with a body clean up, many special precautions must be taken in order to ensure that the conditions are kept as sanitary as possible. That is why our technicians always wear hazmat suits, respirators, and any other personal protective equipment that is required when dealing with body clean up.  If the home is not properly remediated, there could be serious consequences later down the road.


All in all, the need for body clean up in Pensacola is real. If you are looking for a professional company located within the Pensacola area, Complete DKI is the company for you! We are committed to quick, confidential, and (most importantly) safe clean up of a biohazard situation.

Complete DKI is a licensed clean up team comprised of fully experienced and insured technical specialists. Our technical specialists are always professional, and always follow the regulations and safety procedures when dealing with a situation requiring body clean up. If you are in need of our biohazard clean up services gives us a call 24/7 at 850.CALL.DKI.



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A house fire in Pensacola can happen at any time. Unfortunately, homeowners often throw belongings away that appear to be unfixable when really, they can be restored. There are professional restoration companies that specialize in salvaging and restoring your damaged items. Complete DKI is your one stop shop for all your restoration needs! Complete DKI has provided are a few tips on how to salvage items such as clothing, all the way to books!

Salvaging items after a fire, although a tedious job, can result in a much less stressful process. Here at Complete DKI we understand the importance and sentimental value of each item within a home. That is why these salvaging hints should be taken into consideration.

Some items that can possibly be salvaged are; clothing, cooking utensils, electrical appliances, food, rugs and carpets, leather and books, walls, floors and furniture (including wood), and money. (Yes, money!)

Tips for Salvaging Your Items



When trying to restore and clean clothing, ALWAYS follow your manufacturer’s instructions. When doing so, it is a good idea to use a substance containing Tri-Sodium Phosphate (TSP). This is a substance that of course, is used as a cleaning agent, but must be used with caution when children or pets are present.  This is useful to aid in the removal of smoke odor and soot. Although, depending on the severity of the damage it may not always work.

The proper formula should be mixed as follows (permitting the clothes are able to be bleached): 4-6 tbsp. of TSP, 1 C of chlorine beach or household cleaner, and 1 gallon on warm water.

Once it is mixed, add the clothes, and rinse with clean water.

Cooking Utensils


If the utensils have been affected by fire, you should wash them with soapy water, rinse, and polish with a fine-powder cleaner. (To polish, you may use a special cloth for copper and brass. If it is any of type of metal you may use salt on a piece of lemon or salt on a cloth soaked in vinegar.

Electrical Appliances


In order to see if your appliances are salvageable, you should call the appropriate company to check them for safety. DO NOT do it yourself.



For some people, it makes them feel better just to throw all of the food away. BUT, it can be salvaged. Canned goods should be washed in detergent and water (do the same for jarred food). If the labels come off, just mark what the contents are with a grease pencil. DO NOT use canned goods that have bulged, warped, or rusted.  Also, DO NOT re-freeze food that has already thawed. If there is a lingering odor in your fridge and/or freezer you have a few choices. You may wash the inside with a solution of baking soda and water, one cup of vinegar or household ammonia to one gallon water, or an open container of baking soda or charcoal.

Rugs & Carpets


Rugs and carpets should be allowed to dry all the way through. Throw rugs can be beaten or vacuumed, then shampooed. Dry them ASAP in a warm, circulated air. For better information a carpet dealer, cleaner, or installer should be called.

Leather & Books


Leather goods should be wiped with a damp cloth, and then wiped with a dry cloth. Purses and shoes should be stuffed with newspaper to maintain shape. Suit cases should be left open. ALL leather goods should be left to dry away from the heat and sun.

Wet books should be dried immediately. The best way is it freeze them with a vacuum freezer, it takes the moisture away without damaging the pages. If you cannot locate a vacuum freezer, place your books in the freezer instead. If all else fails, call the library!

Walls, Floors, and Furniture


To remove soot from walls, floors, and furniture use the following solution: 4-6 tbsp. of TSP, 1 C of household cleaner or chloride bleach, and 1 gallon warm water. When cleaning with this solution, wear rubber gloves and work from the floor up. Also be sure to rinse your walls and furniture with clean warm water and dry thoroughly. DO NOT REPAINT UNTIL THEY ARE COMPLETELY DRY.

Money Replacement


Handle burned money as little as possible. You should try to put each bill or portion in plastic for preservation. If your bill is less than half burned, you may take it to your local Federal Reserve Bank for replacement. You may ask your bank for the nearest one or you may mail the bills by registered mail to:

Department of the Treasury

Bureau of Engraving and Printing

Office of Currency Standards

P.O. Box 37048

Washington, DC 20013

If you have melted coins, you may mail them to:


U.S. Mint

P.O. Box 400

Philadelphia, PA 19105

If you have just suffered from a loss due to fire, give us a call at Complete DKI! You may reach us at 850.CALL.DKI.


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Getting back on your feet after a fire can be one of the hardest things a person may ever have to deal with in their entire lifetime. Within the first 24 hours after a fire, there are a few steps that you need to take in order to pave a faster road to recovery. Complete DKI is here to help with those steps from start to finish.

Before any of the steps are taken, you must always remember the 4 most important warnings after a fire. One, do NOT enter the site unless it has been deemed safe to do so. Two, do NOT attempt to turn on utilities yourself; the fire department should determine what is and is not safe to turn on and off. Three, keep a watchful eye for structural damage. And lastly, ANY food, beverages, and medicine that have been exposed to heat, soot, smoke or water should NOT be consumed under ANY circumstances.

Once those are out of the way, the first thing you should worry about is securing yourself, your family, and the site.  You should then contact your insurance agent or company as well as a restoration company such as, Complete DKI. If you are uninsured you may contact your local Red Cross or Salvation Army organization for help with your immediate needs such as, medicine, temporary housing, food, and clothing.

Secondly, you should take into consideration what needs to be done when you leave your home. This is something that should be given some thought in order to keep away unwanted trespassers. It is a good idea to contact your local police department to inform them the residence will be unoccupied so that they may keep a close eye. And in some cases, it may be necessary to board up any openings to prevent more damage from being done as well as to defer trespassers. Complete DKI provides board up services at no cost to the homeowner.

IMPORTANT TIP: Save receipts from things you buy after the fire. Doing so will help show the insurance company what money you have spent due to your fire loss, as well as verify your loss during tax season.

If you have recently suffered from a fire, contact Complete DKI 24/7 at 850.225.5354 for all your restoration and reconstruction needs.


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As a property owner, it is important to be educated on how to go about obtaining emergency services. You may have many questions like “What do I do now?” or “Who am I supposed to call?”. Here at Complete DKI (Disaster Kleenup International), we are part of North America’s largest disaster restoration contracting organization.  We are here to assist you with all types of jobs.  No matter what size job, Complete DKI we make sure that you will receive the most efficient and effective restoration and mitigation techniques in order to get you back to normal quickly. Complete DKI has some valuable tips so a property owner has the best tools to obtain the best emergency services available.

What types of services are there?

Usually, there are two types of services that can be offered to a property owner when seeking out emergency services. Those two types of services are emergency services, and restoration/reconstruction.

  1. Emergency services, (sometimes known as mitigation) is something that is used to keep further damage from occurring and/or securing your property after a loss.
  2. Restoration/reconstruction is something that is provided in order to return your property back to pre-loss conditions.

How does that work?

Once our technicians have arrived to the property, an assessment must be done in order to ensure the proper services are done. Once the assessment of the damages is done, we will be in touch with your insurance company in order to let them know what types of services are needed.


Air mover- a piece of equipment that expedites the drying process by circulating air flow

Inspection- We will inspect your property in order to determine the source of damage and what areas have been affected.

Certificate of satisfaction- a form that serves as confirmation that you are satisfied with the services provided.

Deductible- a dollar amount that is specified by your insurance policy that is deducted from a settlement after a loss takes place. There is so set number for each person, it varies by policy type.

Scope of work- this is an estimate detailing the work necessary to restore your property to pre-damage condition.

Dehumidifier- removes the moisture from the air and is typically used in conjunction with air movers.

Water extraction- the physical removal of water.

Deodorization- the process of removing or altering unwanted odors from your property. This is usually (but not always) referred to smoke.

Work authorization/contract- this document serves as confirmation

Here at Complete DKI we know that being a property owner comes with it’s perks, along with some downfalls as well. That is why we work to make sure you have the correct tools available to make an informed decision about your property’s condition. If you are suffering from an emergency and are in need of assistance give us a call at 850.CALL.DKI.

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“When Disaster Strikes, We Strike Back!”