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Posted on November 26th, 2014 by completedki


A water damage in Pensacola can be quite a common occurrence due to the fact that we are located so close to the water. In fact, 53% of all household damages are due to water.  Do you know how to prevent a water damage? Complete DKI is certified and specializes in water damage cleanup in Pensacola. Complete DKI has some tips for you on how you can prevent water damage in Pensacola as well as what you need to do if you find yourself affected by one.

Tips for preventing water damage:

  • Ensure good drainage.
  •  Inspect the roof for missing or lose shingles.
  •  Repair and dripping or leaky pipes.
  •  Repair any cracked caulking.

Tips on what to do if you discover a water damage in your Pensacola home!

  • Turn off the water supply
  • Turn off the utilities
  • CALL DKI at 850.225.5354

A water damage in Pensacola can happen to just about anyone. It is not always the result of a leaky roof or a bad storm coming through the area. A water damage can result from just about anything. Maybe your wife started a bath for the kids, got sidetracked and boom! 20 minutes later you have water running down the stairs from the second story of your house! It’s so easy, it really can happen to anyone.

Complete DKI is available for all your water damage needs 24/7/365! Simply give us a call at 850.CALL.DKI. “When Disaster Strikes, We Strike Back!”


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Posted on November 26th, 2014 by completedki

Fire damage in Pensacola can happen at any time. Too often Gulf Coast homeowners become victim to a fire. It only takes one mistake and one split second to cause fire damage in your Pensacola home. Space heaters and home heating equipment are the number four most common reasons for a house fire. With that said, do you know how to safely use a space heater?  Complete DKI specializes in fire damage remediation and has some tips on how you can safely use a space heater in your home.


Here are some helpful tips on how to prevent a fire due to a space heater.

  • Always, always, ALWAYS select a space heater that has a guard or something surrounding the open flame or heating element. This prevents anything from getting to close to the element and heating up and/or catching fire.
  • Never purchase a heater that has not been certified by a nationally recognized laboratory. This helps to ensure you are purchasing the safest heater possible.
  • Make sure the heater is the correct size for the type of room you are trying to heat. If your heating a small area, there is no need for some massive heater that will heat the room in 2 minutes. Slow and steady wins the race.
  • Make sure to leave the door open to the room you’re trying to heat with the space heater. You need to have proper air flow through a room with a heater running.
  • NEVER leave a space heater running if you are going to be leaving the room, leaving the house, and definitely not while you are sleeping.

Complete DKI responds to fire damage calls year round, not just in the winter. Although, we do find fire damages are more common in the winter months (especially once the Christmas trees go up). A fire is not just caused by a space heater; it can be caused by a number of things. Maybe your wife was attempting to cook, or your toddler knocked a candle over on to the curtains trying to reach the “pretty light”. It really can happen to anyone. Either way, Complete DKI is here for you. “When Disaster Strikes, We Strike Back!”

If you experience a fire damage in your Pensacola home, call Complete DKI 24/7 at 850.CALL.DKI. Our technicians are always ready to help!

Posted on November 26th, 2014 by completedki


When preparing for winter, your home requires maintenance in order to keep it in tip top shape! Thus the term “winterizing” your home was born. In the winter months, homeowners seem to notice their power bills skyrocketing. Some of this is due to the use of the heater, but most of it is due to homeowners not properly winterizing their home! Complete DKI has some tips on how you can winterize your home for winter!

Winterizing your home is more properly defined as “adapting or preparing your home for use in cold weather”. Doing so will help to minimize excess use of energy and in return, reduce your energy bill! Well, how the heck do you even start to “winterize” your home? Easy! Follow these 6 simple tips!

  1. Clean your gutters! Although it is rare to have a hard freeze in our area, cleaning your gutters allows the water to flow freely which will reduce the risk of icicles forming.
  2. Flush your water heater! Doing so will ensure your water heater stays functioning at 100%.
  3. Change your fan so that it rotates clockwise. (This one gets forgot about very often!) Turning your fan so that it rotates clockwise will push the hot air down. The result, making your house warmer!
  4. Replace your air filters. Replacing the filters in your AC unit will allow for the air to flow more freely. Your unit doesn’t have to work as hard to push the air through a clean filter like it would if the filter were dirty.
  5. Invest in draft guards! These can cost anywhere from $10 & up. If you don’t want to shell out the money for those, a rolled up towel works just as well.
  6. Invest in a programmable thermostat. Using a programmable thermostat, you can program what temperature you want it to be in your house at a certain time of day. Have one of these is a big game changer when it comes to the price of your power bill.

Complete DKI is here to serve the Pensacola community. We respond to all types of damages in homes and businesses all throughout the year. Our staff and technicians work around the clock, are always in uniform, and clearly marked company vehicles.  Let’s face it, in your time of need you don’t want to have to dictate whether or not the person knocking on your door to help can be trusted in your home. If you are experiencing some type of damage in your home or business, give Complete DKI a call 24/7 at 850.CALL.DKI.

Posted on November 19th, 2014 by completedki

BRRR!! It’s cold outside! You know what that means; your home is vulnerable to a busted or frozen pipe if the right precautions are not taken. Although the winter months in the south don’t get as brutal as they do up north, we do have our cold snaps. Remember the Pensacola ice storm last January? What a nightmare! Do you know how to prevent a busted or frozen pipe in your Pensacola home? Complete DKI has some tips for you on how to best protect your home from a busted or frozen pipe this winter.


Here are some helpful tips for preventing a busted or frozen pipe in your Pensacola home.

  • Always wrap your outside pipes with a towel or old t-shirt on those colder nights. Doing this helps keep the cold away from the pipe, thus making it harder for the water running through them to freeze. They also make nifty little faucet covers like these to cover your faucets versus an old t-shirt! They’re cheap and easy to use!
  • Cover your hot water lines! Too many times homeowners believe that only their cold water lines can freeze. Hot water lines can freeze as well!
  • Clever Tip! Leave a faucet farthest from your water source open enough just for it to drip. Although this seems like a waste of water, a dripping faucet seems much better than a busted or frozen pipe!

If you find that you have a frozen pipe, there are some things you can do to thaw the pipe. If you catch it before the pipe freezes completely you’re most definitely in luck! You should IMMEDIATELY turn your water on and leave it on. Water moving through the pipes can help melt the water that is already frozen. If you weren’t so lucky other precautions can be taken by doing some of these things here.

Complete DKI responds to busted pipes several times throughout the colder months, not just in the dead of winter. It can happen to anyone! Complete DKI is here to serve the Pensacola area 24/7! Our technicians are always professional, presentable and work around the clock to ensure you and your home are taken care of! If you are experiencing a busted pipe in Pensacola, contact our full service location on Davis Hwy by calling 850-CALL-DKI or 850-225-5354.