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Posted on February 23rd, 2015 by completedki

Fire damage in Mobile is one of the most devastating things that can happen to a homeowner in their lifetime. Often time’s people believe that there is no “after” once fire damage in Mobile has taken place. The thought is that everything must be thrown out and you have to start from scratch. That is most certainly not the case. Yes, fire damage in Mobile can cause extreme damage but Complete DKI is here to help.

One would think that with fire damage in Mobile, there is only “fire” damage. Wrong. There is water damage from the fire fighters putting the fire out; there are extreme amounts of soot, ash, and potentially harmful toxins and chemicals depending on what was burned in the fire. While that may seem overwhelming, timely response is the key to minimizing any further damage from taking place.

Fires can be the result of many things. Whether your fire damage in Mobile results from an electrical issue, a candle that was forgotten about, even a grease fire, Complete DKI has got it covered.  Complete DKI has a full service team of licensed restoration contractors available to get you back on your feet.

If you have suffered from fire damage in Mobile, give Complete DKI a call at 251.CALL.DKI. We are available 24/7 for all of your emergency restoration needs.








Posted on February 23rd, 2015 by completedki

Suffering from water damage in Mobile can pose a huge threat to the safety of your home and your family. Water damage in Mobile can happen in as little as a few seconds or even take hours. Either way, the damage needs to be taken care of as quickly as possible due to the risk for further unwanted damages and even health issues. Complete DKI is equipped to respond to your emergency 24/7.

Here at Complete DKI, we pride ourselves on our ability to focus solely on you and your family’s immediate needs. We make it a point to mobilize and respond to your emergency the moment we get your call. It doesn’t matter if the damage was caused by severe weather such as a flash flood, foundation cracks, washing machine overflow, a busted pipe, a leaky roof or even a clogged toilet. Whatever the cause may be, Complete DKI has got your water damage in Mobile covered!

Water damage in Mobile is actually quite a common occurrence. In fact, statistics say that water damage claims are the number one most filed claim in the US (fire being the second). Although the damage to your home may feel like it cannot be fixed, Complete DKI has the magic touch to make your home look brand new! From mitigation to reconstruction, Complete DKI can handle your water damage in Mobile quickly and professionally.

Complete DKI withholds an “A” ranking with the BBB and is proud supporter of our local Red Cross. Complete DKI genuinely cares about the well being of your family. If you have suffered from a water damage in Mobile, give us a call anytime at 251.CALL.DKI.

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“Water damage”, two words no homeowner ever wants to hear. Water damage in Pensacola can result from a range of things. Whether it’s due to a leaky roof, an overflowing bathtub, or a busted pipe due to one of those cold winter freezes. Either way, Complete DKI is fully equipped to assist any homeowner with water damage in Pensacola.

Water damage in Pensacola is more than common for two reasons. One, water damage is the most common reason for household damages across the nation. Two, Pensacola is in “hurricane alley” which makes our location a prime spot for water damages due to our susceptibility to severe weather.

All it takes is a leaky pipe, the start of a bath that has been forgotten about, or even that cute little granddaughter of yours thinking that letting her Barbie go for a “swim” down the toilet was a good idea. Water damage in Pensacola can happen to just about anyone at any given time. Don’t let it catch you off guard; Complete DKI is always prepared to assist you with water damages.

With our team of IIRC certified technicians we feel confident in assisting you with the following services:

• Ceiling, crawl space water damage

• Basement flood water cleanup

• Flood damage cleanup

• Dehumidification service

• Water extraction services

• Complete structural drying

• Mold and environmental remediation

• Advance dehumidification

• Content Cleaning

• Drying and reprocessing

• Document salvage

• Electronics restoration

• Structural repairs

If you find yourself in need of water damage cleanup in Pensacola, call Complete DKI. Complete DKI is a leading restoration company with offices located in Pensacola and Mobile. We maintain an “A” ranking with the BBB, and are proud supporters of The American Red Cross. Contact our Pensacola office located off of Davis Hwy by calling 850.CALL.DKI.

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Complete DKI has been chosen as the Featured Team of the Month! Here at Complete DKI, we take pride in our ability to help the people in our community. We believe that a restoration company should be able to provide their customers with swift service while maintaining the highest standards. Our team is equipped to service commercial, residential and multi-family properties.

Here is what DKI had to say about us:

“Even with all the chaos of the holidays, this does not stop national disasters from occurring. When DKI Commercial Solutions received an emergency board up call to a Walgreens in Columbia, MS, which had sustained damage from a tornado, we immediately reached out to Shaun Carpentier and his team at Complete DKI.  Holiday season, or not, Complete DKI was prepared to respond.

Windows were blown out of the facility; there was a huge hole in the roof requiring tarp, an extensive amount of debris, and water extraction was necessary – all of this costing $150,000 and more in damages. Shaun and his team responded and handled the entire project efficiently and professionally while developing a newfound relationship with the Regional Area Manager for Walgreens.

The DKI Commercial Solutions team received a call, direct from the client, praising what a great job crews rendered while on site, and the RAM has made a personal request for Complete DKI to handle all of his losses in their area.

A big shout out to Complete DKI for a job well done! Thank you for your hard work! Complete DKI and DKI Commercial Solutions has become a true hero in the eyes of Watterson and Walgreens Corp.”

If you are in need of restoration services, contact Complete DKI 24/7 at 850.225.5354 or 850.CALL.DKI.

“When Disaster Strikes, We Strike Back!”


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rescue me

Here at Complete DKI we not only care for the safety of your family, but for the safety of your pets as well. That is why we came up with our “Rescue Me!” stickers for the front window of your home. What’s the purpose of the stickers you say? The purpose of the stickers is to let fire fighters know (if there is still anyone in the home) how many adults and kids live in the home, as well as if there are any dogs, cats, or other animals trapped inside. The “Rescue Me!” stickers are meant to give your animals the best chance of survival if a house fire were to take place in your home.

Did you know some fire trucks even carry equipment specifically made to fit your pet in case they were to suffer from smoke inhalation in the event of a fire? It’s true! Recent statistics show that more than 500,000 pets die each year due to house fires. That’s devastating. Here at Complete DKI we hope to decrease the number of pet deaths due to house fires with the use of our “Rescue Me!” stickers.

How can you get one? Stop by one of our two locations between the hours of 9 A.M. and 5 P.M. Monday through Friday  to get your FREE “Rescue Me!” sticker today!

Pensacola: 511 Wynnehurst St. Pensacola, FL 32503

Mobile: 3350 Halls Mill Rd. Mobile, AL 36606 Suite A

If you are in need of fire cleanup in Pensacola or Mobile, give us a call at 850.225.5354 or 251.225.5354!

Posted on February 2nd, 2015 by completedki


Fire damage in Mobile is something that happens all too often. Homeowners often leave themselves at risk for a fire unknowingly. A fire can be caused by something as simple as a candle flame all the way to a careless smoker. Fire damage in Mobile can be absolutely devastating and requires attention almost immediately. Complete DKI is here to provide you with the proper mitigation and cleanup as soon as we get your call.

Fire damage in Mobile can happen at any time. While there is such a thing as “fire season”, fires occur year round. A lot of times homeowners associate fires with 2 things; Christmas trees, and cooking. While those 2 causes do rank pretty high on the list for common causes of a fire, there are other reasons for fire damage in Mobile. Complete DKI specializes in fire damage cleanup in Mobile. Complete DKI is certified in fire damage remediation while maintaining an “A” ranking with the BBB.

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Do you know what to do if you fall victim to a fire in your Mobile home? Complete DKI has a full service crew on call 24/7 so that we can assist you with your emergency immediately. We understand that fires happen and when they do, they happen at the worst time possible. Whether cause of the fire was due to a candle, an electric blanket or even a cigarette you thought was put out, Complete DKI is here for you.

If you have recently experienced fire damage in Mobile and are in need of remediation contact our full service location on Halls Mill Road by calling 251.CALL.DKI or 251.225.5354. Our technicians are always professional, presentable and ready to help!

“When Disaster Strikes, We Strike Back!”