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Posted on May 30th, 2016 by completedki

This Memorial Day, many families and friends will be dusting off their grills and firing them up for some holiday fun! Complete DKI in Pensacola and Mobile want to suggest some tips to hopefully prevent accident or injuries from grill fires.  Let’s make happy memories not tragic stories about grill fires leading to house fires.

Each year an average of 8,900 home fires are caused by grilling, and close to half of all injuries involving grills are due to thermal burns. While nearly half of the people who grill do it year-round, July is the peak month for grill fires followed by May, June and August.  Failure to clean the grill was the leading factor contributing to grill fires.

Before Grilling:

  • Check grill for leaks.
  • Check the tubes leading to the burner regularly for blockages.
  • Make sure the grill is at least 10 feet away from your house, garage or trees.
  • Store and use your grill on a large, flat surface that cannot burn (i.e., concrete or asphalt).
  • Don’t use grills in a garage, on a porch, deck or on top of anything that can catch fire. Never use a propane barbecue grill on a balcony, terrace or roof (it is both dangerous and illegal).
  • Check for damages to your propane tank before filling it.
  • Never transport or store propane cylinders in the trunk of your automobile.

During Barbecuing:

  • Keep children away from the grill.
  • Don’t wear loose clothing that might catch fire.
  • Do use long-handled barbecue tools and/or flame-resistant mitts.
  • Never use any flammable liquid other than a barbecue starter fluid to start/freshen a fire.
  • Never pour or squirt starter fluid onto an open flame..
  • Keep alcoholic beverages away from the grill; they are flammable and could cause massive grill fires.
  • Never leave the grill unattended.

After Barbecue:

  • Always follow the manufacturer’s cleaning and storing instructions that accompany the grill.
  • Keep your grill clean and free of grease buildup that may lead to a fire.
  • Never store liquid or pressurized fuels inside your home and/or near any possible sources of flame.

In case of a fire:

  • For propane grills, turn off the burners. For charcoal grills, close the grill lid. Disconnect the power to electric grills.
  • For propane grills, if you can safely reach the tank valve, shut it off.
  • If the fire involves the tank, leave it alone, evacuate the area and call the fire department.
  • Any fire that endangers property: call fire department
  • Never attempt to extinguish a grease fire with water.  Use an approved portable fire extinguisher.

Remember that Complete DKI is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the event that you have a fire.  Within 2 hours we will be there to board up your home at no cost to you and estimate what your damage is.  We offer rapid fire remediation, including smoke damage.

Enjoy your day, be safe, and remember those who have died for our freedom!




Posted on May 25th, 2016 by completedki



Insurance is confusing.  Understatement.  I “learned” today about ACV and RCV.  Using the word “learned” is a stretch. I am attempting to grasp the difference with the help of Mike Lacey, our General Manager here in Pensacola and Mobile at CompleteDKI.

A homeowner’s insurance policy determines how a claim will be settled depending on if it is a Replacement Cost Value (RCV) policy or an Actual Cash Value (ACV) policy. In short, Actual Cash Value is the replacement cost MINUS depreciation.  Depreciation is a financial deduction based on the age and useful life of that item(s).  The Replacement Cost Value is the actual cost in today’s dollars to repair or replace an item(s) back to pre-loss condition.

All clear? Ha!  

How about an example?!


Carpet.  Insurance standards are that carpet holds value for 7 years.  Let’s say that carpet is destroyed by a fire 2 years after you get it.  If your homeowners insurance is an ACV policy you will be reimbursed for the 5 years of value it has left.  That is your purchase price minus 2 years of depreciation.  If your policy is RCV, they will reimburse you for the replacement of the carpet.  It will need to be as close to an exact match as possible, financially speaking, so the same like and kind.  The ACV payment will likely not be enough to cover the cost of new carpet and you will have to cover the difference, where as with RCV they will replace it.

RCV trumps ACV.  Many people opt for ACV policies over replacement cost policies for homeowners insurance though because of the cost difference. In most situations, the better coverage of replacement cost homeowners policies can make homeowner’s much happier with their insurance policy after a loss occurs. Paying a little extra to avoid worry may be worth it.  You could possibly offset the extra cost of your homeowners policy by raising your deductible

Obviously, the most important thing home insurance covers is your actual home. In many cases, opting for limited coverage of your possessions paired with complete coverage of your dwelling could possibly make the most sense. Take an inventory of your possessions and decide what is right for you and your family.



Posted on May 16th, 2016 by completedki

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Unfortunately bio hazardous disasters happen everyday.  This can be many things but sadly, they are usually suicides or murders.   After the police and ambulances leave, the silence can be deafening.  Grieving family members must now face a second trauma.  The affected area must be cleaned, not only to remove the visible signs of heartbreak, but to remove bio hazardous material as well.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

1 (800) 273-8255

CompleteDKI is very experienced in the bio hazard arena.  Our bio team is certified with the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration (IICRC).  Once the scene of a biohazard clean up is released by the authorities, our crew arrives within the hour in protective suits. Items such as carpet, walls, flooring, furniture, wallpaper that have biohazard waste are removed and disposed of in proper red bio-hazard bags and disposed at a federal- and state-regulated sites for disposal. Using a dumpster is against the law.   Hepatitis, AIDS, and other deadly diseases maybe present. Many items have sharp objects that can puncture skins.   Family members, friends, neighbors who try to self clean blood, body fluid, human tissue, decomposing bodies, hypodermic needles, etc. find this task either physically or emotionally overwhelming.  This can cause the area to be improperly sanitized.  It is best to hire a mediation company, like CompleteDKI.

  •   24 hour availability in Pensacola and Mobile
  • Biohazard clean up services are covered by most homeowners insurance companies
  • Cleaning and application of proper disinfection techniques
  • Disposal of items that are a loss to bio hazardous fluids or materials
  • Odor removal and air filtration
  • Reconstruction after mediation
  • Pack out/storage of belongings unaffected bio hazardous materials
  • Referrals for therapists and chaplains
  • Work closely with Trauma Intervention Program (TIP)

As a licensed cleanup company, we take pride in removing hazardous biological and chemical waste as well.  All of our trucks are equipped with then essential cleaning products and safety apparatus.  We will efficiently and thoroughly take care of the cleaning, therefore making this horrible time a little less traumatic for those involved.

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Ever had your toilet back-up or needed sewage clean up?  I don’t mean “grab the plunger” kind of back-up.  I mean the back-up where it overflows the toilets and comes free flowing up through your drains.  If you have had this happen you know how disgusting it is.  If you hven’t . . . there are no words. . . . sewage clean up is no fun.   However, I need to write this blog so I will try!

Sewage back up is very dangerous. Bio hazardous. Sewage carries fungi, bacteria and viruses.  These can all be disease causing.  Besides bacterial infections, Tetanus, Hepatitis A, many other diseases could be a risk to you.  Please don’t touch the raw sewage.  Seems like common sense but I feel the need to caution against it anyway.  The list of possible illnesses is pretty ridiculous  If you need sewage clean up in Pensacola or Mobile call Complete DKI at (850) 225-5354 or (251) 225-5354.


As I was leaving the office yesterday, an emergency call was received by CompleteDKI.  Guess what it was?! Sewage loss at a business.  A very busy business.  Not that any business should be ok with having rivers of raw sewage, but this one could definitely not and needed immediate sewage cleanup and water damage restoration.  Sherry, Charlotte and their team were at the location within one hour, dressed in Tyvek, and ready to go.

  • area was stabilized
  • sewage was removed with heavy duty hose
  • Concrobium was used to sanitize
  • Botanical Decon 30 was used for mold prevention where there was water damage
  • Dehumidifiers are being used to suck the moisture out of the affected area.  They are monitored daily with humidity readings.  They are adjusted accordingly and usually remain for a few days to help with the water damage and mold prevention

After area is dried out Complete DKI will return to begin sewage clean up mitigation.  The carpet, drywall, wood floor and anything that was subjected to the bio-hazardous waste and water damage  must be removed.  Complete DKI in Pensacola and Mobile, as opposed to many competitors, is able to perform the reconstruction as well.  We have licensed, expert  teams that can professionally handle every aspect of your sewage clean up.

Reminder, don’t touch raw sewage.  In case you forgot.

Check back next week for a less disgusting story.  Hopefully.

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Closing out my second week with Complete DKI.  I was given a company credit card! Guess they’re going to keep me around for a bit longer.

I spent most of my time this week with Vice President Ashlee Carpentier.  While out one day, making calls, we visited with a property manager.  Complete DKI had done work on one of her properties a few months back.  This was a single family home, built in 1986.  The mother came home from work to find water streaming down the walls and her garage flooded.  Directly above the garage was a bathroom.  The bathroom door was shut  (thank goodness!) but when she opened it water came rushing out into the hallway.  She saw no immediate source for the offensive deluge but assumed a broken pipe caused the flood.  This mom, however, knew exactly what to do first.  I would have had no clue.  I can see myself rapidly becoming a sad sack of tears, adding to the water damage and flooding. I discreetly took notes during her story.  I thought that maybe I’m not the only clueless homeowner out there and I would share with you what to do if you have a broken pipe causing flooding in your house.

Sad sack crying over a broken pipe will not be in the bullets!

  1.   Shut off the water supply to your home —  No idea.  Went looking.  Mine is on the outside wall of house where dryer  vent is and (duh) water line enters house.  Go find yours.  Right now.  I’ll wait here . . . .
  2.   Drain your system – You need to get as much water out of the system as possible to prevent water from spilling through the house and flooding it. Start by turning on all cold water taps and flushing toilets.
  3.   Call Complete DKI–  In less than ONE HOUR, we will be there to find the cause and source of Ark required situation.  Water removal with high-powered hoses will quickly beach your boat.


Complete DKI has skilled, licensed technicians with expertise in water damage removal.  Any delay can be detrimental to property.  This includes belongings and house structures.  Our fast response ensures limited loss and speedy remediation.  We have certified mold removal specialists that follow IICRC-S520.  We offer complete restoration and reconstruction services and will transform your damaged, flooded structure to its pre-loss condition, minimizing loss.

Looking forward to next week!  (and using my new credit card!)  (kidding)  (kind of . . .)


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I got a job!  That is pretty self explanatory, however, telling friends and family about the company has not been easy.  DKI stands for Disaster Kleen-up International.  That does not define Complete DKI in any way though.  This being my second day, I feel like I might understand a quarter of what this company does for families, businesses, and the community here in Pensacola and vast surrounding areas.  Let’s start with explaining what we (I’m one of them now!) mean by  “Disaster” and “Kleen-up”.

These are the types of disasters I assumed we dealt with.


The exploding toilet, and mold (unfortunately not an urban legend) did not come to my mind, and I bet you’ve never thought about how much water comes out of the fire sprinklers!





Complete DKI provides a path to normalcy after falling victim to a disaster, natural or man-made.  We have 24 hour emergency response teams, that are easily identified by uniform and vehicle.  We also offer free board ups for exposed interiors.   Our “Kleen-up” provides restoration after fire, water, or mold by using the industries newest technology.  This includes mold remediation, water damage remediation, fire and smoke damage mediation, storm cleanup,  and and full construction services.  Apparently not all fire and flood damaged belongings are total losses. I had no idea!  We have a warehouse full of technicians working on completely restoring various families’ treasured belongings.  I am, at this moment, watching a mammoth fireplace being rebuilt right outside of my office window.

Today (day 4) Project Manager Charles Baker brought me to a work site.  It was a kitchen fire resulting from improper deep frying. While Charles’ team was at work removing damaged belongings to our warehouse for repair, I researched safety in frying food indoors.  Here are some tips:

  • DO IT OUTSIDE!! –This, to me, is the most obvious way to not kill yourself or burn your house down!  You’ll have minimal spatter worries, and the dirty dog smell of your couch won’t be replaced by Eau de French Fry.  The mess will be kept outside, which will be convenient when/if it all goes up in flames!
  • Know the SMOKE POINT  of your oil–Every oil has a temperature at which they begin to smoke.  When oil smokes it is not only a stinky mess, scary words like toxic and free radicals are thrown out there as well!
  • “Nothing But Net!” is a terrible idea–Tossing your grub into the sizzling oil from across the room is a sure fire way (ha! See what I did there?!) to visit your local burn unit.  Be brave.  Get close.  You can do it.  Use a slotted spoon or a strainer if your arm chickens out.


Closing out day 5, and they haven’t fired me yet!  I have learned a ton this week about Complete DKI.  We provide restoration services to residential, commercial, and insurance clients.  The services we provide include emergency response, construction servicescatastrophe response, contents restoration, environmental services, fire and smoke damage, and water damage repair.  Complete DKI is licensed, insred, and registered to do business in Santa Rosa and Escambia counties in Florida as well as Mobile and Baldwin counties in Alabama. Check back for next week’s adventures!