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With years of experience in disaster restoration, Complete DKI is a leading restoration contractor for Pensacola, Gulf Shores, Gulf Breeze, Mobile and surrounding area. Call our 24-hour emergency response line to get help now!
Posted on July 19th, 2016 by completedki

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Experiencing damage to your house from unexpected tragedies can be tough to handle.  Thanks to Complete DKI, there is a new program out to help you.  And if you need to make a claim, Complete  DKI specializes in insurance repair. We work with you and your insurance company to get you back to normal.


Follow these steps before you make a claim with your insurance:

1. Call your agent before making a claim

- It may be more beneficial to find out the severity of the loss before creating a claim.

2. Gather loss information

        -Cause of Loss

        -Affected Areas

        -Homeowners Contact Information

        -Deductible Amount

3. Contact Complete DKI

        – To evaluate the loss

        – Help you on the next steps to take to prevent further damage

4. Loss Follow-Up

        -Complete DKI will follow up with your agent to provide details of the loss, with pictures.

Your local agent should be aware of this new program and it will take a lot of stress of your shoulders if a disaster does occur.  With hurricane season upon us, this is a great program to keep handy.  Complete DKI’s goal is to get you back on your feet and back to normalcy as fast as possible.


Pensacola, FL 850.Call.DKI or 850.225.5354

Mobile, AL 251.Call.DKI or 850.225.5354


Posted on May 2nd, 2016 by completedki

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I got a job!  That is pretty self explanatory, however, telling friends and family about the company has not been easy.  DKI stands for Disaster Kleen-up International.  That does not define Complete DKI in any way though.  This being my second day, I feel like I might understand a quarter of what this company does for families, businesses, and the community here in Pensacola and vast surrounding areas.  Let’s start with explaining what we (I’m one of them now!) mean by  “Disaster” and “Kleen-up”.

These are the types of disasters I assumed we dealt with.


The exploding toilet, and mold (unfortunately not an urban legend) did not come to my mind, and I bet you’ve never thought about how much water comes out of the fire sprinklers!





Complete DKI provides a path to normalcy after falling victim to a disaster, natural or man-made.  We have 24 hour emergency response teams, that are easily identified by uniform and vehicle.  We also offer free board ups for exposed interiors.   Our “Kleen-up” provides restoration after fire, water, or mold by using the industries newest technology.  This includes mold remediation, water damage remediation, fire and smoke damage mediation, storm cleanup,  and and full construction services.  Apparently not all fire and flood damaged belongings are total losses. I had no idea!  We have a warehouse full of technicians working on completely restoring various families’ treasured belongings.  I am, at this moment, watching a mammoth fireplace being rebuilt right outside of my office window.

Today (day 4) Project Manager Charles Baker brought me to a work site.  It was a kitchen fire resulting from improper deep frying. While Charles’ team was at work removing damaged belongings to our warehouse for repair, I researched safety in frying food indoors.  Here are some tips:

  • DO IT OUTSIDE!! –This, to me, is the most obvious way to not kill yourself or burn your house down!  You’ll have minimal spatter worries, and the dirty dog smell of your couch won’t be replaced by Eau de French Fry.  The mess will be kept outside, which will be convenient when/if it all goes up in flames!
  • Know the SMOKE POINT  of your oil–Every oil has a temperature at which they begin to smoke.  When oil smokes it is not only a stinky mess, scary words like toxic and free radicals are thrown out there as well!
  • “Nothing But Net!” is a terrible idea–Tossing your grub into the sizzling oil from across the room is a sure fire way (ha! See what I did there?!) to visit your local burn unit.  Be brave.  Get close.  You can do it.  Use a slotted spoon or a strainer if your arm chickens out.


Closing out day 5, and they haven’t fired me yet!  I have learned a ton this week about Complete DKI.  We provide restoration services to residential, commercial, and insurance clients.  The services we provide include emergency response, construction servicescatastrophe response, contents restoration, environmental services, fire and smoke damage, and water damage repair.  Complete DKI is licensed, insred, and registered to do business in Santa Rosa and Escambia counties in Florida as well as Mobile and Baldwin counties in Alabama. Check back for next week’s adventures!

Posted on December 21st, 2015 by completedki

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas….Keep that in mind this year while cooking your holiday meal. I think we can all agree a charred and soot filled Christmas is last on our list! Cooking in the kitchen on Christmas can be a very stressful event. Family is in town, kids are running around like crazy and having all your family in one house is bound to be pure chaos. Did you know that frying in the kitchen poses the greatest risk for a fire? Since this is the sad truth, Complete DKI would like to provide some tips for you and your family this Christmas to prevent a disaster.

  • First and foremost, always make sure that your home has working smoke alarms. Never remove any of the batteries without replacing them. Having a working smoke alarm can save your life.
  • Even though this time of the year is hectic, make sure you are always paying attention to your food and never leave it unattended. Always be alert and have timers for your dishes. This helps prevent kitchen fires and of course, who would want their food burnt to a crisp?
  • Leftovers are the best this time of year. It’s like your Christmas meal gets to go on for days and what is better than that? Make sure that you keep leftovers in the fridge and do not leave anything in the oven. If another family member didn’t realize the oven was stocked up, they could turn it on and this would be a recipe for disaster. 
  • Leading up to Christmas Eve, you have all the kids in town and since cooking will be the only thing you will have to do for the next couple days, pizza delivery is a must. Make sure that the pizza boxes do not get left in the oven. This is a huge fire risk. 
  • In case of an emergency, it is important that your family has an emergency escape plan and knows what to do in case of a fire.
  • If you are frying food this Christmas, make sure when the fryer is in use it is never left unattended. Unattended cooking is the leading cause for kitchen fires.

Christmas is the most exciting time of the year. It’s a holiday for giving, loving, eating and being around our loved ones. Even though we are all going to be busy preparing our holiday meal, try to keep these tips in mind to prevent a disaster in your home this year. We often think that leaving the food to fry by itself will be just fine while we go and greet Aunt Betty at the front door but the next thing you know little Charlie rides his new scooter through the kitchen while Susan is chasing him, they knock over the grease filled fryer without realizing it and the next thing you know the kitchen is up in flames. We can all agree that a house fire is not on our Christmas list to Santa this year.

If you experience fire damage in your home, call Complete DKI 24/7. Our technicians work around the clock and are always fully prepared in uniforms and clearly marked Complete DKI vans. Our technicians are alwaysprofessional and presentable! If you experience fire damage, please contact our full service location on Davis Highway by calling 850-CALL-DKI or 850-225-5354.

Complete DKI wishes you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!